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Why hiring a professional and licensed/insured contractor is so important?


You can expect us to provide a professional quality of work that cannot be achieved by an amateur. With the use of professional grade equipment such as fine finish sprayers, high quality products/materials along with our experience and skill, your project will be picture-perfect with crips straight lines, smooth surfaces and a fresh new look to your exact specifications


Professionals know that preparing your home’s interior or exterior for painting is the most important step in the entire painting process. Without the proper techniques, your new coat of paint will fail very quickly, which wastes both time and money. We will also make sure to protect your landscaping, furniture, and other delicate home features.


There are literally hundreds of different paints, stains, primers, sheens, and additives that are on the market and readily available. But which one to choose? Do you want washable walls? Do you want to hide imperfections? Seal old wallpaper? Kill mold/mildew? Strip and brighten your deck? Choosing the right products and using them in the correct process is just as important as prep-work in what makes or breaks a paint jobs finish and life-span. We know which products will hold up the longest and give you the best results.


Lastly, our company and every employee is fully licensed, insured, and trained to perform our work in a safe and efficient manner. We take workplace safety very seriously which creates a stress-free experience when hiring us!

Call or email us for your free consultation and we will be happy to explain the process and products that we would use for your particular project.


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